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Diaspora Diary

Sep 17, 2018

Maame Adjei is one of Ghana's golden girls. Since returning home after a childhood stint in London, and school and work in Philadelphia, she gained national and international claim as a star of the hit series, An African City. As a fan of the series (which I've blogged about before), I was excited to connect with her when she visited Kigali. We talked about her work on the hit series, her travel show, and passion project, Girl Going Places, the joys and challenges of repatriation, and her recommendations for a fun trip to Ghana. 


3:00 How she got over imposter syndrome and got comfortable identifying herself as an actress

7:20 Growing up across three continents, and how that made her identify as Ghanaian even more.

9:27 The big move home

18:48 Maame's advice for young actors trying to break into the industry, and her thoughts on the Ghanian film industry

22:34 Her role on "An African City", in front and behind the camera. Plus, how similar is she to Zainab in real life?

29:10 Her webshow, "Girl Going Places" 

36: 13 Tips for moving to Ghana, whether as an repatriate or immigrant

45: 20 Her goals for the future, and vision for success


  • Favourite places to visit in Ghana - Cape Three Points (featured in her vlog above), northern Ghana - especially Tamale
  • Favourite restaurants, hotspots in Accra - Tea Baa, Carbon, Chez Clarisse (And yes, I did go to Tea Baa and Chez Clarisse based on her recommendations, and they were great!)
  • Places in Ghana to purchase her Girl Going Places merchandise - Elle Loko, and Untamed Empire
  • Favourite books -The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison , Part of My Soul Went With Him - Winnie Mandela